BONUS Elul Songs

I love how 5 hours after a post is written about 20 more singles release. 
Still need more songs to get you into the Elul mode? 

Well here’s a bunch more!

NOTE: I generally try not to include youtube links as I know many people have youtube blocked. Most songs you can stream from there usually though. Although some songs aren’t available anywhere else.

ANOTHER NOTE: New songs keep getting released, so this post may be updated and added with more songs over the next few days. Keep checking in!


1. Asaf Shalom Leibovich – Ad Elaicha
2Avinu Malkenu Mashup – The Portnoy Brothers
3. Final Prayer – Menachem Weinstein ft. Sheya
4. Danny Flam – Refaini Hashem (Ever heard the shofar being used as a musical instrument? The instrumental track is such a unique idea, I’m BLOWN away!) [Pun intended]
5. Yoni Tokayer – Nafshi
6. Chony Zucker – Va’ani Ashir
7. Shlomo Cohen – P’tach Lanu Sha’ar
8. Aron Klein – Hamelech
9. Haim IFargan – Aba
10. Medley Yomim Noroim: Avi Kraus & Hershele Rosenberg



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